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Solit Vehicle Tracking System

Solit, provides real-time tracking of your vehicles on the internet. You donít have to be at your office to use it, you can be anywhere Ė at your house, on vacation, at a client office, at a wired coffee shop. From anywhere in the world, you just need to log on to Solit.com.tr.


How It Works

Solit provides a better and more productive way of managing your fleet. A GPS vehicle tracking device is mounted in each vehicle. This smart device collects information from GPS satellites and the vehicle itself, transmits information to the Control Center, and responds to commands sent by the Center.

How To Use

Solit converts GPS data into user-friendly maps and reports, accessible via the internet. Therefore, no software is required, simply login using any PC with Internet Explorer and instantly access your data.

What It Does

  • Location Tracking; Where is the vehicle now and where has it been
  • Reporting; Stops, Run Time, Mileage, Locations, Sensors, Fleet Alerts
  • Odd hours operation, Speeding, Arrive/Depart Location, In/Out Zone
  • Closest Vehicle to Location,
  • Street level maps
  • Find Address / Find Closest Vehicle
  • Stop vehicle remotely
  • Remote voice monitoring; Listen to what's happening inside the vehicle.
  • Fuel level, temperature, door open/closed and many other sensors.

What It Brings In

  • Increased Driver Productivity
  • Real-Time Dispatch Tool
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Reduced Fuel Expenses
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Reduced Response Time
  • More Accurate Billing
  • Validation of Service Calls
  • Benefits of a Virtual Time Clock
  • Lower Insurance Costs
  • Decreased Driver Speeding


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